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Christ Crucified by Diego Valezquez
Christ Crucified by Diego Valezquez

If Heaven had a door, its hinge would be love.

Whenever God creates, it is an act of love. This is because God is love. Everything He does flows out of His love.

The greatest act of His love is the sacrifice of Jesus. Think of everything that went into it, from the prophecies to the timing to the people who stood on that awful hillside. The men who nailed Him to the cross–God created them. The men who pushed Pilate to condemn Jesus–God created them. Those who mocked Jesus as He died–God created them. The tree from which the wood was taken–God created that tree. He made the iron for the nails. He grew the thorn bush used for the crown. And He created those who mourned. This amazing act is the culmination of an untold number of little creations that led to the greatest act of love the world has ever known.

Furthermore, God has always known that not everyone would accept His Son. He has always known that Jesus would be left alone in the tabernacle, that liturgies would become full of abuses, that churches would be burned, that statues would be desecrated, and that hearts would grow cold. He knew priests would forsake orthodox teaching, that bishops would become weak and attack each other, and that evil would infiltrate the Vatican itself. He has always known all the points in history when those things and more would happen.

He knew all this and went forward anyway with something He could have undone in a moment. Love is what fixed Christ to the cross. It is also what keeps Him in tabernacles no matter what is happening in the world or in the Church or in the hearts of men.

What does this act say to us? It says, principally, that God loves us to a degree we will never, ever be able to fathom. It says we are His children. And like all acts of love, it demands a respond. If we want to open Heaven’s door and spend eternity with He Who Is Love, then we must love, too. And love as radically and as wildly as He does.

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