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Catholic fantasy Hubert's Quest for the Holy Grail

I have been working on a new Catholic fantasy story! I don’t know how long it will be but once a month, I will post a new chapter on the blog. Posting in general has been rather spotty but I’m doing my best to get into a routine. What better way than to start writing a Catholic fantasy about a man on the search for the Holy Grail?

Despised and ridiculed, Hubert only wishes to become a knight. However, he lacks one thing: a knight willing to take him on as a squire. After years of serving in Sir Braddock’s household, Hubert pins the last shred of his hope on distinguishing himself at a tourney.

But on the day of the tourney, disaster strikes when a witch poisons Sir Braddock’s daughter. Healers labor to cure her sickness but nothing works. Braddock is almost in despair when a priest suggests a radical remedy: a sip from the Holy Grail could surely save the maid’s life.

And the person chosen for this quest is Hubert.

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